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ARIN 35 Members Meeting Daily Recap

ARIN 35 Meeting 15 April 2015

On the final day of ARIN 35 in San Francisco we wrapped up with a Members Meeting that was open to the entire ARIN community – onsite and online. Throughout the morning we heard an update on the ARIN fees and services and took questions and comments from attendees. We received departmental reports from Communications and Member Services, Engineering, Financial Services, Human Resources and Administration, and Registration Services.

Daily Recap 2: ARIN 35 Public Policy Meeting

ARIN 35 Hands Raised

Thanks for joining us for our second daily recap about what happened today at ARIN 35. Kicking off the morning, we heard updates from the Number Resource Organization (NRO) comprising the five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). We also viewed many worldwide Internet number resources statistics on ASN, IPv4, and IPv6 allocations and assignments.

ARIN 35 Public Policy Meeting Daily Recap: Day 1


Today ARIN’s Public Policy Meeting took place in the Golden Gate City bringing together Internet community members from across the region and around the globe to talk about the policies that determine how Internet number resources are distributed. To start the day off, we heard from the Advisory Council Chair about on-docket proposals.

Get To Know the ARIN 35 Fellows

ARIN 35 Fellows

Only a few days are left until ARIN 35 takes to San Francisco. We’re getting excited and hope you are too! Coming to their first ARIN Public Policy and Members meeting are five fellows who are eager to learn more and dive into policy discussions at ARIN 35. Get to know the ARIN 35 fellowship recipients so you can be sure to say hi and strike up a conversation with these outstanding individuals.

Tinkering with IPv6 on a Home Router

Chris Harvey

Some may say I’m crazy, and a few of them would be right, but I’ve long tracked the growth of IPv6 given that I worked at Comcast for a number of years and my manager was instrumental in the Comcast push into IPv6. As a result it’s been fairly well drummed into me that this is something we all have to tackle at some point, or else the results of inaction will tackle everyone to the ground.

IPv6-Brewed Coffee Over Bluetooth Smart

Coffee Web Interface

Believe it or not, the day has come when your coffee machine could know what exactly what kind of coffee you like to drink depending on the cup you’re using, the time of day, and a multitude of other factors. Earlier this year, the Nordic Semiconductor team demonstrated a smart coffee machine at CES that brewed coffee over IPv6. But coffee machines aren’t the only place where innovation is possible.

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