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Meet your 3 ARIN Region CRISP Team Members


If you’ve been involved in the Internet community for any length of time, then you know we can’t speak more than a couple minutes without dropping 1 or 2 (or 10) acronyms at a time. Well, here’s one more to add to the alphabet soup – the CRISP team, short for the Consolidated RIR IANA Stewardship Proposal (CRISP) team. The CRISP team was established by the five RIRs (there we go again, the Regional Internet Registries) to develop a single proposal on behalf of the numbers community for the IANA Stewardship Transition to the IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group (ICG).

The Sun Sets on the 2014 ITU Plenipot

ITU Plenipot

As the sun rose in the ARIN region, the sun set on another Plenipot…In Busan, Republic of Korea, the main policy-making conference of International Telecommunications Union (ITU) just concluded after a long three weeks. This Plenipotentiary Conference (PP for short) is held every four years for Member States to decide on the future role of the organization. It’s funny how things change in four short years. At this time four years ago at the ITU PP in Guadalajara the mood was far from collegial. The RIR community was in attendance physically, but not there in the eyes of many of the Member States.

8 steps to get your site ready for IPv6


Add an IPv6 address to your web server

The first step is to get your web server listening on an IPv6 address, as well as an IPv4 address. How you achieve this will depend on how your web server is managed. If you’re on a shared hosting account, you’ll be dependent on your hosting provider. If you run your own server, you’ll need to obtain an IPv6 address from your hosting provider (assuming they support IPv6), configure your server to use it and then ensure that your web server (e.g. Apache is listening on this address).

Help ARIN Shape Our New IPv6 Campaign

Get6 Conference Call

Have you ever had this conversation? You: “Hey, did you know the Internet is running out of IP address space?
Non-technical colleague: “No, really?” You: “Yeah, IPv4 is running out, and we need to make sure we are planning to support IPv6, the new IP address platform. I think enabling our website may be the best place to start.” We want to hear more about those conversations.

Give Your Input on the IANA Stewardship Transition

IANA Stewardship Discussion

The community involved in making sure Internet numbering runs smoothly wants to make sure it continues to run smoothly for years to come. Since the news broke that the global Internet Community was to develop a proposal for stewardship of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) so that it could be contractually released from US government, there has been a lot of talk about how to proceed. Here in the ARIN region we’ve been keeping you up to date with developments and now are gathering your input on the work that needs to be done in our region to develop a contribution to the proposal. At our ARIN 34 Public Policy and Members meeting we held a session on the IANA Stewardship Transition Planning Process. See the footage from this discussion:

Vote Now in 2014 ARIN Elections

ARIN 2014 Elections

The polls are open in this year’s ARIN Board and Advisory Council elections. If you’re a designated member representative (DMR), you are the person responsible for casting a vote on behalf of your organization. Note than voter eligibility was set 60 days out from the start of the election, on 11 August 2014. The election began on 9 October 2014 and will stay open through Sunday, 19 October at 3 PM EDT. Voting in elections is the main responsibility and benefit of ARIN membership, so make sure you take advantage of this opportunity to shape ARIN leadership. Each ARIN member organization may cast one vote, so all votes count equally, and your participation is encouraged. Good voter turnout is a statistic we hope to hold up!

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