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IPv6 at the Dutch ccTLD registry SIDN

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SIDN is the registry for the Dutch country-code top-level domain. In terms of domain names per capita, we are one of the largest TLDs in the world. And even in absolute numbers, we are still among the five largest country-code TLDs. I guess that makes us kind of special.

Get your apps ready for IPv6

Preparing Apps for IPv6

With IPv4 depletion at critical levels, the pressure to transition to IPv6 has never been higher. For years, network engineers and planners have been upgrading routers and configuring networks to prepare for the new protocol, but many remain unsure whether or not their custom-built applications and commercial-off-the-shelf software packages are IPv6-ready.

On the Horizon: Unmet Requests Policy Activation

On the Horizon

We expect to take registration actions this week that will activate ARIN’s policy for unmet requests. For the first time, it is expected an organization will receive a block size smaller than they qualified for, and/or an organization will be placed on the waiting list for unmet requests.

Registry Data Access Protocol (RDAP): A Common Whois System

For decades the only common method for accessing data in all the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) has been Whois. Unfortunately, as a protocol, Whois does not specify any queries or responses making true interoperability between RIRs very difficult. This situation is even worse for domain registries.

A Closer Look at The Internet of Things


The so-called “Internet of Things” (IoT), is not just about the seemingly endless benefits of connecting everything to the internet, or as some say, making things “smart”. It’s also about infrastructure, intellectual property, education, and increasingly growing business interests. It’s how devices are tied to the cloud for commerce, research, and an endless array of applications.

Breaking down ARIN’s remaining IPv4 Pool

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At the time of this post, there is only .15 of a /8 remaining in the ARIN IPv4 free pool. The largest prefix that remains available is a /11. Within days, that /11 will either be issued to a qualifying organization, or broken down to make smaller prefixes available for organizations who have qualified for a block size that falls between a /11 and the next available block size in inventory.

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