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Why Learning IPv6 Puts You a Step Ahead in Your Career

A group of my students at Finger Lakes Community College about to get IPv6 certified!

ARIN reached the true technical IPv4 Exhaustion on September 24, 2015. Yet back in 2012, I believe that I created and taught the first ever college course held in the United States that was devoted exclusively to IPv6, a summer course at Finger Lakes Community College.

My Experience as an ARIN Fellow

ARIN 37 Fellows

During my time as an ARIN Fellow, I learned that Internet number resource policies in the ARIN region are developed entirely by the community. Every word of the Number Resource Policy Manual (NRPM) undergoes rigorous examination in a transparent, community-driven, bottom-up policy development process.

Voting Contact Clean-Up Campaign Now Underway!

ARIN Elections

To assist and ensure all eligible member organizations are prepared to vote during ARIN Elections, our team is currently leading an extensive Voting Contact clean-up campaign.

Can You Make IPv6 Work Commercially?

RIPE Labs ROI Poll

Large scale IPv6 deployments suggest that IPv6 is at least a technical success – the technology works. Now it’s time to visit the other important question: does it work commercially? Does IPv6 really come with a positive business case?

Origin AS: An Easier Way to Validate Letters of Authority

View and Manage Network Screenshot

One challenge that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) face today is dealing with end customers who have their own IP address blocks and want their ISP to route them. ISPs want to satisfy their customers, but they also want to ensure that the customer has valid use of the IP address block.

Where are you on your IPv6 journey?

IPv6 Survey

Over and over again we hear that people need more resources to help them deploy IPv6, so we have set out to find out what would be the most valuable for those who are trekking upward. Our first step is to discover the what kind of IPv6 activities are already occurring in our region.

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