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Daily Recap 2: ARIN 33 Public Policy Meeting

ARIN 33 Day 2

Another day here at ARIN 33 in the Windy City of Chicago, and it breezed by rather quickly. Instead of a long-winded explanation, this short daily recap should help you get up to speed. A record number of policies were covered during this Public Policy Meeting. In total, a whopping 14 policies were on the docket. Today, the seven draft policies that were added to that count included…

ARIN 33 Public Policy Meeting Daily Recap: Day 1

Daily Recap ARIN 33

Day 1 of ARIN 33 blew by in the heart of the Windy City, Chicago. In case this first day swept by you, here’s a recap of what happened today. First and foremost, we tackled several draft policies that sparked interesting debate among ARIN 33 attendees onsite and online. The seven we discussed today included…

World Telecommunication Development Conference – Looking Forward


The 2014 World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC), centered on the theme of Broadband for Sustainable Development, came to a successful conclusion on 10 April in Dubai, UAE. The general tenor of the conference was one of collaboration and open dialogue amongst attendees. The Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) were fully represented and involved.

Find Me at ARIN 33

ARIN 33 Fellows

In two weeks ARIN 33 will begin. Get to know the three fellows who you’ll find actively involved at this meeting with this Q&A. Kevin Powell, Lecturer/Head of Department, General Studies and Communication at University College of Caribbean, from Jamaica; Brett Henrich, Sr. Technical Specialist at Infracore LLC, from California, USA; Jose Alvarado, IT Operations Manager at Allstream Corp., from Ontario, Canada. Be sure to find Kevin, Brett, and Jose to introduce yourself and give them a big welcome to their first ARIN meeting!

Interop Las Vegas: Doubling Down on IPv6

v6 is in the cards

Last week, we carved out a corner of the Interop Las Vegas expo floor for any attendees with questions about IPv4, IPv6, ARIN technical services, and so forth. To our delight, we were flooded from start to finish with all manner of organizations from across the region, and questions on nearly every topic! The biggest topic, of course, is IPv6 adoption. More organizations asked us about how to get IPv6 deployed than ever before, and with good reason.

Building a High-Availability PostgreSQL Cluster at ARIN

Devon Mizelle

ARIN is a small organization with a big job. ARIN keeps track of IP addresses and Autonomous system numbers for both North America and parts of the Caribbean. This information is kept in a high-availability database that is core to ARIN’s services . This database is known as Jon Postel’s notebook, in tribute to Dr. Jon Postel who was one of the early luminaries of the Internet and who had the first job to keep track of names and numbers.

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