ARIN Bits: September 2017

The September edition of our quarterly e-news update, ARIN Bits, is here! Learn about what we have been up to this past quarter including the latest deployments, events, policy proposals, and more.

Show “Someone’s Home” By Validating Your Point of Contact

If you don’t keep your Point of Contact (POC) up-to-date and validated, it may look like “no one’s home” which can lead to unsavory activities. Lisa Liedel, Resource Services Manager, explains the various ways you can validate your POC.

Meet the ARIN 40 Fellows

We’re so excited to welcome the 15 new and returning fellows that will be joining us in San Jose, California for ARIN 40 this October! We had the chance to get to know our fellows a bit better in preparation for ARIN 40, and thought our community would like to learn more about them too.

How a Role Point of Contact Can Help You Better Manage Your ARIN Resources

Doreen Marraffa, Resource Analyst, compares the two types of Points of Contact (POC) records that can be added to your Organization ID, and explains the benefits of using the Role POC vs a Personal POC.