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Are Service Providers Ready for IPv6?

Infographic 2014 Incognito Survey

Worldwide, the transition to IPv6 has begun — but just how ready are communication service providers for this change? ARIN is expected to join regional Internet registries in Latin America, Europe, and Asia Pacific in exhausting public IPv4 addresses soon. Globally, this means that the number of remaining public IPv4 pools available to service providers to hand out to customers is running out

Help ARIN Choose the Next Meeting Location

Sponsor an ARIN Meeting

In your everyday life, you pick the music you want to listen to, choose which specialty coffee you want to drink, but what you may not realize, is that you can also help determine ARIN’s future meeting locations. Recently, while sitting at my desk looking for a network connectivity sponsor for ARIN 39 (2-5 April 2017), I started receiving gentle nudges from two potential host cities asking us to make a decision.

Tag This: IPv4 Runout

IPv4 Depletion Caption This

With less than 45K IPv4 addresses remaining in the ARIN inventory, IPv4 depletion here at ARIN is only weeks away. We thought it’d be fun to get your ideas about the tag line we should use when ARIN hits IPv4 runout. Maybe we’ll even take you up on a few of these. Here’s what you came up with so far

Engaging the Caribbean ICT Community

CANTO 2015 ARIN & LACNIC booth

Last week I had the opportunity to connect with attendees at the Caribbean Association of National Telecommunication Organizations (CANTO) 31st Annual Conference and Trade Exhibition in Miami, FL. I found the Caribbean ICT community to be most welcoming and interested in bettering the Internet in their local communities to promote economic and social development.

IPv6 at the Dutch ccTLD registry SIDN

SIDN photo

SIDN is the registry for the Dutch country-code top-level domain. In terms of domain names per capita, we are one of the largest TLDs in the world. And even in absolute numbers, we are still among the five largest country-code TLDs. I guess that makes us kind of special.

On the Horizon: Unmet Requests Policy Activation

On the Horizon

We expect to take registration actions this week that will activate ARIN’s policy for unmet requests. For the first time, it is expected an organization will receive a block size smaller than they qualified for, and/or an organization will be placed on the waiting list for unmet requests.

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