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Organization: Hurricane Electric

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Candidate Questionnaire

Provide a brief biography of recent experience, associations, and affiliations relevant to serving on the Advisory Council.

I am an incumbent member of the Advisory Council nearing the end of my second term on the council. In that time (and the time before I joined the council), I have contributed significantly to the policy development process and authored many successful policies and engaged the community in many vital discussions around ARIN policies. I believe that my work on the council is far from complete and I hope that the ARIN membership will allow me to continue in that work. I am an IPv6 evangelist at Hurricane Electric. That role allows me to engage with the community far more often in the process of supporting and promoting IPv6 adoption in the real world.

Describe the relevance of your experience to the Advisory Council.

I have a lot of experience as a network engineer in a variety of operational roles ranging from very small businesses and SOHO operations up to and including very large ISPs. I have a tremendous amount of experience with IPv4 dating back to days when we did not have NAT in IPv4 and I now also have several years of experience with IPv6. I teach IPv6 courses and help others to deploy and understand IPv6 on a regular basis. My broad understanding and association with many different subgroups in the ARIN community allows me to better understand the diversity in the community and try to shape policies that are fair and designed to benefit the broadest possible range of the community.

What Internet-related services do you or your organization provide?

Hurricane Electric is an ISP in the ARIN region as well as Europe and Asia. We provide colocation, web hosting, and backbone internet access services. We have an aggressively open peering policy and we are present at many exchange points around the world. We also operate the largest IPv6 tunnelbroker service.

What conflicts, real or perceived, might arise should you be elected to the AC?

I am not aware of any COI concerns with my candidacy or my service on the AC at this time.

The AC meets every year on a Friday in January, in Reston, VA for a workshop to review AC practices and policies. Can you commit to attending in person, and does that pose any conflict or concern?


Describe any limitations on your ability to attend AC and Public Policy Meetings in person or to serve the entirety of a 3-year term.

I am not aware of any limitations at this time.

What differentiates you as a candidate, or makes you uniquely suitable to the post?

As I stated above, I have a great range of experience among many of the various constituencies within the ARIN community. This combination of experiences provides me with unique understanding of the policy environment and policy changes may affect the community overall as well as specific groups.

How do you foresee ARIN’s function, scale, or role changing in the future?

I believe ARIN will likely become more engaged with regulatory and governmental processes around internet governance. I believe that as we transition to IPv6, ARIN’s staffing needs and management processes will need to adapt significantly. The good news is that the ARIN board and management have already seen this coming and have put what I believe are good plans in place to deal with those changes.

What is your opinion of the principles outlined in RFCs 2050 and 2050bis?

I generally support the principles outlined in RFC2050. I believe that 2050bis drops most of them, but what little is retained is good.

What areas of policy, if any, need more attention and why?

I believe we should solve some of the deadly embrace issues for startup organizations in current IPv4 policy. Especially for LIR/ISP organizations. As much as I would like to say that we could/should use policy to drive IPv6 adoption, I don’t believe that there is much that can be done through policy to create the necessary motivations for greater IPv6 deployment. All we can do is remove as many of the hurdles as possible. I think we have done most of what can be done in this regard.

How do you separate your personal opinions from those of your organization and those of the community?

I have been doing this throughout my time on the AC. On several occasions, my duties on the AC have required that I vote according to what I believe is in the best interests of the community or what has the consent of the community though I disagreed with the chosen direction. I have no trouble distinguishing my personal opinions from those of my organization or those of the community.


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