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Organization: Limelight Networks

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Candidate Questionnaire

Provide a brief biography of recent experience, associations, and affiliations relevant to serving on the Advisory Council.

I have served two terms on the Advisory Council, initially while working at Internap, and throughout my time at Limelight. In addition to many other duties at both companies, I have been an active participant in peering and interconnection fora, and an active member of NANOG.

Describe the relevance of your experience to the Advisory Council.

My most relevant experience to the Advisory Council is my last 6 years of serving on the Advisory Council. 🙂 During that timeframe, I have worked closely with most of the ARIN community to discuss, develop, and debate policy ideas and proposals.

What Internet-related services do you or your organization provide?

Limelight Networks (http://www.limelight.com/) is the #1 provider of Digital Presence management, providing content delivery and cloud–based services over the world’s leading video content delivery network.

What conflicts, real or perceived, might arise should you be elected to the AC?

No such conflicts have arisen to date, and I do not expect any. If anything does come up, I am very aware of the need to recuse myself from anything that might be (perceived to be) a conflict.

The AC meets every year on a Friday in January, in Reston, VA for a workshop to review AC practices and policies. Can you commit to attending in person, and does that pose any conflict or concern?

I have attended every workshop to date, even when it meant sitting in the Seattle airport for 7 hours until they could finally get our plane out after a rare ice storm.

Describe any limitations on your ability to attend AC and Public Policy Meetings in person or to serve the entirety of a 3-year term.

I do not anticipate any limitations. My attendance record has been near-perfect (even for teleconferences), and I intend to keep it that way.

What differentiates you as a candidate, or makes you uniquely suitable to the post?

In my last 6 years on the AC, I believe I have proven myself a good facilitator of community consensus, a strong advocate for what is right, and am not afraid to take on responsibilities to make sure the AC gets done whatever needs to be done. My record should speak for itself: if you don’t think I’m exceptionally well qualified for another term on the AC, I suspect there will once again be a number of strong candidates who I will also be supporting for election to the AC.

How do you foresee ARIN’s function, scale, or role changing in the future?

I believe ARIN will need to become a smaller organization and reduce overhead costs once we begin to transition away from IPv4. During the transition, I believe ARIN needs to simplify and streamline policy to be better suited to an empty IPv4 free pool, and to enable organizations with continued need for IPv4 addresses to be able to acquire them without unnecessary constraint.

What is your opinion of the principles outlined in RFCs 2050 and 2050bis?

I believe that RFC2050bis does a good job of accurately describing the principles guiding RIR operation. I have yet to see a good argument that any still-relevant principles in RFC2050 are missing from 2050bis.

What areas of policy, if any, need more attention and why?

I believe the primary area that currently needs continued policy work is simplification of IPv4 policy, and a redefinition of “justified need” to reflect the realities of a transfer market, as distinct from the situation where all allocations and assignments came from the ARIN free pool.

How do you separate your personal opinions from those of your organization and those of the community?

I am quite comfortable making the distinction between whether I personally support an idea or proposal, and whether the community supports it. I also have been a consistent advocate for giving the community full opportunity to discuss proposals, even when I think they are a bad idea as written.


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