So Many Tweets, So Little IPv4

By Jennifer Bly - Public Affairs Specialist, ARIN

Since we announced that ARIN has zero IPv4 addresses remaining in inventory, we’ve heard a lot of social chatter around this historic event for the Internet.  In fact, there have been thousands of tweets over the past few days – everything from the humorous to the serious. We couldn’t possibly share them all, but here are a few that made us crack a smile:

In addition to the overwhelming number of tweets we’ve seen from you, we’ve also seen some great articles in the press covering the topic of IPv4 depletion.  Take a look at this storify for a roundup of a few stories.  If you have an awesome 140-character quip or article to share with us, feel free to hit us up on Twitter @TeamARIN.



Jennifer Bly

Public Affairs Specialist, ARIN