Spread the Word

Getting the word out about the need to adopt IPv6 and raising awareness about Internet governance is a big job. We’re on the road a lot setting up ARIN exhibits at various trade shows and events, but to reach a wider audience we need your help.

Everything here is intended for you to use, quote, reprint, and redistribute. Please help yourself to any of the documents and multimedia presentations listed at https://www.arin.net/knowledge/general.html.

The regularly updated IPv4 Depletion and IPv6 Adoption slide deck [available as either a .ppt or .pdf file] has extensive speaker notes for you to use at your school, in your company, or even at a conference.  It gives you an overview of the status of IPv4 and IPv6 in the ARIN region, highlights the importance of transitioning to IPv6 as soon as possible, and lays out a plan for how to get started.

The regularly updated Internet Governance slide deck [available as either a .pptx or .pdf file] also has extensive speaker notes for you to use at work, at a meeting, or in any situation where you want to educate colleagues about Internet governance issues, highlighting opportunities to  participate in these important discussions.

We also have fact sheets on important Internet number resource concepts, information on getting resources, and many items to help you advertise your IPv6 awareness and support of ARIN.

Going to an event to talk about IPv6 or ARIN and want some hard copies of the documents, or even some ARIN or IPv6 stickers? Let us know by filling out the ARIN Material Request Form. If you prefer to download them in PDF, they are available here.

Want to invite a speaker from ARIN to provide expert commentary about Internet number resources and related issues? ARIN’s experienced staff frequently present at conferences, forums, and other public events. ARIN research and commentary is regularly referred to in governmental, civil society, and commercial reports, as well as the global IT media. See the list of available speakers on the ARIN Speakers’ Bureau Page.

Have something to say about issues that may be of importance to the Internet community?  If so, we have provided a way for you to spread the word right here on the TeamARIN site.  Submit a guest blog post for us to consider it for publication on our TeamARIN blog.