Sharing Your Experience with our Registration Services Team

Every time a customer requests resources from ARIN, our team sends out a short survey to gather feedback following their experience. Here’s a look at what you’ve had to say, and some of the ways we’ve implemented your feedback.

New POCs on the Block

We added two new Points of Contact (POCs) to our public WHOIS Database based on a community suggestion. Suzanne Evans, Customer Service Resource Analyst II, walks us through the various POC types and introduces the two latest additions. Let’s meet these new POCs on the Block!

Testament to the Adaptability of the Internet

Scott Johnson marvels at the adaptability of the Internet’s underlying structure as he describes the SolarNetOne network build. He advises to crawl before you walk, so deploying IPv6 will seem a lot less daunting.

What Is Stateless Architecture and What Does It Mean for ARIN?

What is stateless architecture, and what does it mean for ARIN? Andy Newton, Chief Engineer, answers these questions in an informative Q+A session.