Keeping Up with Changing Campus IT Networks – IPv6 for Higher Ed

Last week, ARIN organized a panel at EDUCAUSE on IPv6 in the higher education community. Jennifer Bly, Public Affairs Specialist, shares highlights from the panel and her thoughts after attending the event.

Post-Lunch Thoughts: ARIN Lunch by the Numbers

Susan Hamlin, Senior Director of Communication and Member Services, dishes out her thoughts after launching our newest outreach program: ARIN Lunch by the Numbers.

Merit Network's IPv6 Readiness Program

A Model for Advancing IPv6 Deployment in REN and Higher Ed Networks

Lola Killey describes Merit Network’s two-year pilot program that could serve as a model for the higher education and REN communities for promoting and advancing IPv6 deployment in their networks.

On the Way to the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference (PP18): The Americas Region Work on Common Proposals

Anne-Rachel Inné and Einar Bohlin, Government Affairs and Public Policy team, share the latest updates about the work we’ve been involved with leading up to the 2018 ITU Plenipotentiary Conference.