ARIN Bits: September 2021

The September 2021 edition of our quarterly e-news update, ARIN Bits, is here! Learn what we have been up to this past quarter including information about upcoming events, current policy discussions, a TeamARIN update, and much more.

Back to School for the Internet!

The Internet Society has recently updated and enhanced its lineup of online courses, providing you with more opportunities to build your Internet knowledge. Learn how you can enroll in these free course offerings.

Virtual School of Internet Governance: Instructing a New Generation of Internet Leaders

Glenn McKnight and Alfredo Calderon of The Virtual School of Internet Governance (VSIG) share details about the creation of their online course in their 2020 ARIN Community Grant Program Recipient Report.

Top 10 IPv4 to IPv6 Application Conversion Considerations for Enterprises

Nalini Elkins, Mike Ackermann, and Dhruv Dhody of INTC provide a checklist of the top 10 items enterprises should consider while converting applications to IPv6 and encourage individuals from organizations with private, managed networks to take a survey that will help pinpoint the issues many organizations are facing that will help ensure application conversion is not a roadblock to deploying IPv6.