ARIN Bits: June 2021

The June 2021 edition of our quarterly e-news update, ARIN Bits, is here! Learn what we have been up to this past quarter including information about Routing Security at ARIN, upcoming events, current policy discussions, and much more.

Next IPv4 Waiting List Distribution Coming This Month

Our next IPv4 Waiting List distribution is scheduled for 30 June. Jon Worley, Senior Technology Architect, explains what qualifications need to be met to join the list. If you need IPv4, now is the time!

IPv6 Challenge in 280 Characters or Less

Last week we posed a challenge for our community on our TeamARIN Twitter account: In 280 characters or less, what progress have you made on your IPv6 deployment this year? Here’s a look at what you had to say.

ARIN’s Whois: What Data is Public Information and How Can it be Accessed?

Leslie Nobile, Senior Director, Trust and Public Safety, explains the ins and outs of what data is publicly accessible in ARIN’s Whois and how it can be accessed.