Why Are You Thankful For IPv6?

Here at ARIN, we’re thankful for IPv6 every day. But we wanted to know from you, why are you thankful for IPv6?

Keeping Up with Changing Campus IT Networks – IPv6 for Higher Ed

Last week, ARIN organized a panel at EDUCAUSE on IPv6 in the higher education community. Jennifer Bly, Public Affairs Specialist, shares highlights from the panel and her thoughts after attending the event.

Post-Lunch Thoughts: ARIN Lunch by the Numbers

Susan Hamlin, Senior Director of Communication and Member Services, dishes out her thoughts after launching our newest outreach program: ARIN Lunch by the Numbers.

Merit Network's IPv6 Readiness Program

A Model for Advancing IPv6 Deployment in REN and Higher Ed Networks

Lola Killey describes Merit Network’s two-year pilot program that could serve as a model for the higher education and REN communities for promoting and advancing IPv6 deployment in their networks.