Wading through the coverage – where to look for IPv4 and IPv6 information

By Jason Byrne - Senior Customer Success Analyst

As we are sure you have seen, there has been a bombardment of coverage surrounding the depletion of the IANA IPv4 free pool, following the joint ICANN/NRO press conference on February 3.

In all that buzz who really got the story right? How can you know which articles best describe the situation, or give accurate advice to readers looking to get IPv6 ready? With such a technical subject, a few folks are bound to get caught up with some of the many misconceptions surrounding IPv4 and IPv6. To help you out, we have put together the following list of articles we feel best cover the news and provide next steps for ISPs, service providers, and businesses.

So without further ado: here are the articles we suggest you refer to regarding IPv4 depletion / IPv6 adoption thus far include:

We know these aren’t the only good stories out there. Have you seen any great coverage about IPv4 or IPv6? Go ahead and add links to the comments for this blog post and let all of Team ARIN know about it!


Jason Byrne

Senior Customer Success Analyst