ARIN 43 Day 3 Daily Recap

By Erin Pratt - Social Media and Content Specialist

Today marks the third and final day of our meeting. What a week it’s been! After enjoying our last breakfast together, we headed in to the Members Meeting portion of the agenda for the final round of presentations. Members meetings are open to everyone.

In the morning, we heard updates from our various heads of department here at ARIN. First up was Susan Hamlin, Senior Director of Communications and Member Services. She introduced the members of her team and shared some information about upcoming initiatives, including the ARIN Leadership Development Program, the ARIN Grant Program, and IPv6 Training. She also thanked the contributors who have shared an IPv6 case study with us – the list continues to grow! Mark Kosters, Chief Technology Officer, was up next to present updates from the Engineering Team. He shared accomplishments his team has achieved since ARIN 42, including website and Whois performance improvements, updates for RDAP conformance, and much more! He also gave a preview of what’s to come in Q3, which includes work on the Internet Routing Registry, stateless ARIN Online, updates to the new website, and more.

John Sweeting, Senior Director of Registration Services, delivered his department update next. He shared statistics about ticket processing time, the IPv4 Waiting List Growth, IPv6 and more. He also pointed out some of the recent helpful blog posts his team has contributed to TeamARIN to benefit the community. Val Winkelman, Director of Financial Services, took to the mic to share updates about her team. She introduced her team, provided details about the Financial Services Help Desk, and reported on the outcome of the new fee schedule that was implemented last year. Director of Human Resources, Erin Alligood, was up next to share some of her team’s accomplishments, employee retention statistics, and progress in the Management and Leadership Training initiative. Erin shared that we currently have 78 employees with an average tenure of over eight years! She ended by sharing some of the major initiatives they will be working on in 2019-2020.

Tina Morris, ARIN Advisory Council (AC) Chair, presented the Advisory Council Report. She paused to take a moment to thank all the AC Members for the work they do to serve our community, which led to a round of applause. She then provided an overview of the new proposals that have moved forward since our last meeting, ARIN 42. Nancy Carter, Board of Trustees Treasurer, gave the Treasurer’s Report next. She discussed the 2018 financial results and covered details about the 2019 budget. Paul Andersen, Board of Trustees Chair, presented the final presentation of the day and meeting with his ARIN Board of Trustees Report.

We ended with an open mic session before wrapping up for the day! We want to thank everyone who joined us here for another great meeting. If you’d like to refer to anything you’ve seen so far, the slides from the meeting have been posted online. In the coming days, raw transcripts, full transcripts, and webcasts from the meeting will be made available as well.

Be sure to mark your calendars for ARIN 44 in Austin, Texas 31 October – 1 November 2019. We’ll be accepting applications for the ARIN 44 Fellowship Program soon.

A big thank you to all those who participated in person and remotely during ARIN 43 in beautiful Bridgetown, Barbados! Be sure to stick around for CaribNOG 17, which begins immediately following our meeting.

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Erin Pratt

Social Media and Content Specialist