IPv4 Depletion

IPv4 address depletion occurred in the ARIN region on 24 September 2015 when the ARIN IPv4 free pool reached zero.

While we continue to process and approve requests for IPv4 address blocks through the Waiting List for Unmet IPv4 Requests, or through the IPv4 Transfer Market, IPv4 space is extremely limited.

Now is the time to promptly deploy IPv6 to enable the Internet’s continued growth.

Internet Timeline Infographic

Solution to IPv4 Depletion

The hard fact is there are not enough IPv4 addresses to meet the needs of a growing Internet. The solution to IPv4 address depletion is simple: Get6.

As more and more companies are faced with either having to wait for IPv4 address space or make use of the transfer market, forward thinkers will accelerate their IPv6 transition plans.

Deployment of IPv6 resources will enable growth in the burgeoning market for connected devices that will form the building blocks of the Internet of Things, connecting everything from phones to lightbulbs. For organizations involved in web commerce, IPv6 will ensure global visibility across the whole Internet at reduced latency and provide accurate geolocation and customer analytics without the need to account for gateway masking that can skew critical data. Above all, by deploying IPv6 today, organizations can eliminate the need to make costly future investments in technology to support antiquated IPv4 infrastructure.