Forward Thinkers

The future of the Internet is tied to IPv6.

These forward thinkers Get6. Hear what they have to say about why IPv6 is important for their organizations and why they decided to make IPv6 a priority.  If you’d like to establish your IPv6 leadership by becoming a forward thinker, Join Get6 to share your story.

Jeremy Duncan

IPv6 Architect and Managing Partner, Tachyon Dynamics

Brian E Jones

Network Management Consultant, ScrumMaster, Product Owner, NI&S Virginia Tech


Dragos Bogdan

Product Marketing Manager, CloudFlare


Charles Barr

President and Founder, Webpass


John Jason Brzozowski

Fellow and Chief IPv6 Architect, Comcast

"IPv6 is critical to the future of a rapidly growing global Internet. Comcast recognized the importance of IPv6 nearly a decade ago, and has focused on adopting, deploying and advocating the standard ever since. A significant majority of Comcast Internet properties are IPv6-enabled. Last year, we became the first major U.S. Internet service provider to fully deploy dual stack (IPv4 and IPv6) connectivity throughout 100 percent of our network, and today we are uniquely positioned to support our customers as the migration from IPv4 to IPv6 accelerates." - John Jason Brzozowski Fellow and Chief IPv6 Architect, Comcast

Jon Pederson

VP of Technology, Midcontinent Communications

As an Internet access provider, Midcontinent Communications is fully dual stack which means all of our customers will access Internet destinations via IPv6 as available. The tipping point is coming soon, and I encourage IPv4-only sites to schedule an IPv6 conversion as part of their next upgrade. Kudos to those that already have!

Vint Cerf

Chief Internet Evangelist, Google

Any business that wants to be assured of reaching everyone on the World Wide Web is going to need this new addresses space. So on behalf of ARIN, I’m urging you to implement IP version 6!

Zaid Ali Kahn

Director, Global Infrastructure Architecture and Strategy, LinkedIn

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Kevin Pack

Senior Engineer, Customer Engineering, Global IP Network, NTT America, Inc.

NTT has been offering ipv6 dual stack globally since 2001. For the past several years all existing and new customers are assigned a /126 WAN and encouraged to either obtain a IPv6 allocation from ARIN or use a /64 or /48 from NTT. To date, a large majority of customers have turned up IPv6 with us. is also IPv6 enabled.

Ken West

Network Engineer, Sprint

At Sprint we’re getting better everyday and an important part of that was enabling v6 on

Ed Horley

IPv6 Practice Lead, Groupware Technology and Co-chair of the California IPv6 Task Force

Get up to speed on IPv6, especially if you have any content available – your websites, getting your email service, DNS, everything up and operational. v6 is going to be really important over the next few years, so getting your project started right away is a top priority.

John Curran

President and CEO, ARIN

The fact is that the Internet is out of space… It’s important for you to Get6 and get connected to the full Internet.