IPv6 Case Studies

Now is the time to Get6, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Hear detailed accounts from organizations that have already made progress on their IPv6 journey.

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The University of Iowa

Jay Ford of The University of Iowa suggests why you should consider dual stack with IPv4 now that IPv6 has reached critical mass based on his experience.

University of Colorado Denver

Mattias Lindgren of UC Denver details how he spearheaded the effort to enable IPv6 across 2 campuses and explains why adopting IPv6 is no longer optional.

Washington & Jefferson College

Charles R. Watts III of Washington & Jefferson College compares IPv6 to anything else in the IT industry that you have to put in the time to actually learn.

Carleton University

Mike Milne of Carleton University takes us through the IPv6 planning process, highlighting why working on a complete end-to-end network design is enjoyable.

Monmouth Unversity

Rob Carsey explains how Monmouth University went from IPv6 zero to IPv6 hero is less than one summer and why IPv6 is important to stay on the cutting edge in the education field.

Louisiana State University

Hector Rios of Louisiana State University shares why LSU started supporting IPv6 in 2008 and explains why deploying it isn’t as hard as you might think.