IPv6 Report Card

To connect to the whole Internet, not just the old Internet, websites must be IPv6-enabled.

How do you know if a website is ready for the future of the Internet?

Get6 Websites that are IPv6 Enabled

Lots of websites already Get6

Many websites are already IPv6-enabled and many others are well on their way.  Here are some links to resources that provide a running list websites that are ready for IPv6:

Do You Get6?

If you’re not sure if your website meets the mark, you can check the status of your website with one of these tools:

  • Test to see if your website is ready for IPv6 right now:

o   http://ipv6-test.com/validate.php

o   http://ip6.nl/

  • Use a browser add on to test as you surf the web:

o   IPvFoo for Google Chrome

Your Customers are on the Whole Internet. Are You?

Industry Experts Infographic

What if my website isn’t ready for IPv6 yet?

If you are using a hosting provider to manage your website, let them know you’d like to make your website content available over IPv6.  Your content hosting provider should know where to begin. If you need to look for a hosting or DNS provider that supports IPv6, you can begin by referring to our list of hosting and DNS providers that offer IPv6 services on our IPv6 Wiki.

If you manage your own website, start a dialogue with your IT team about your IPv6 plan.  Elevate getting your website content available over IPv6 as a core organizational mandate. If you would like to explore getting outside help to guide you through this process, please refer to our list of self-identified IPv6 trainers and consultants. Check out our IPv6 Facts for more information on making your website available over IPv6.